MAS ’ N LIVE: Q&A Customers

1. Can MAS ’ N LIVE be a solution to noise complaint issues we have from surrounding neighbors?

Yes, MAS ’ N LIVE could be a solution, as it doubles the perception of loudness of the music while maintaining the same level of dBs (dBA) that is limited locally. The perception of the volume is much higher, thus allowing the musical venue to perform their activities optimally.

This system eliminates low frequencies, but replaces them with an “acoustic fingerprint” consisting of frequencies that the human ear perceives as bass, a “subwoofer effect.” The music preserves the fullness and strength, but no longer conveys all these frequencies that can be problematic to control with any soundproofing.

 2. How much would an on-site demonstration cost?

Please contact us ( regarding demonstration of Mas’NLive. Today we have the possibility to do demonstrations in a few locations in the European Union. During 2018 our goal is to make it possible for every country in the EU to have a local asset that would provide demosatations. In some cases when our sales network is not covering a certain market, we will still provide demonstrations but costs for transportations and accommodation will be charged the customer.

3. What do we need to prepare technically before your visit?

Every sound system is ready for MAS ’ N LIVE, but sometimes some specs are not the common. In advance we need to know what the sound connections are (Digital: AESEBU, TOSLINk, PDIF. Analog: XLR, CANON, RCA.). We would also recommend that the person responsible for the sound is present in case it would be necessary to modify levels of amplifiers volume (or making similar adjustment).

4. If we use your system, can we play outside that you get the feeling of 100db, but when the authorities check we only have Between 85 and 92db?

In standard conditions MAS ’ N LIVE doubles the perception of loudness of the music while maintaining the same level of dBs (dBA) that is limited locally. The perception of the volume is much higher, thus allowing the musical venue to perform their activities optimally. However, please consider that the double of 85-92dBA is 88-95 o 91-98 dBA, depending on the measurement (electrical or acoustic).

5. How can we connect MAS ’ N LIVE to our sound system?

MAS ’ N LIVE is a 2 Rack unit hardware processor with I/O analog XLR and jack and AES, Toslink and Spdif in digital.

The way to insert MAS ’ N LIVE in your sound system just after of the DJ mixer/ general mixer just like a FX. So MAS ’ N LIVE can manage and process the audio signal before reach your amplifiers.

6. Are we able to manage the system our selves as soon as it is installed?

 Yes, it will be possible to manage it immediately afterwards.