The first psychoacoustic management service in the world that

effectively solves the acoustic problems present in most musical venues


The product

MAS ‘ N LIVE is a machine that decreases decibel levels without compromising the sound experience (perceived volume). The machine also substitutes bass frequencies, which can travel long distances through materials, for other frequencies that are perceived as bass frequencies inside the premises. Since the bass sound is the most common source of noise disturbance, MAS ‘ N LIVE effectively helps alleviate such headache from venue owners.

The patented solution has been developed based on research in psychoacoustics – the scientific study of the perception of sound. The machine is a combination of sophisticated hardware and advanced processing and is easily connected with XLR cables to the sound source before sending the signal to the speakers, changing the sound waves in 0.0006 milliseconds.

Who and how does it help?

The patented MAS ‘ N LIVE solution protects every business that is oriented around sound from neighbour and government complaints by lowering DbA without decreasing the loudness. By increasing the perception of the sound without an increasing DbA while also decreasing noise emissions, MAS ‘ N LIVE helps relieve neighbour and landlord complaints as well as government involvement and fines. In other words: venue owners can continue to run their business as desired without compromising their concept.

Direct clients include hotels, restaurants, bars, gyms, festivals and events owners, while indirect clients include neighbour, real estate companies as well as government authorities.


MAS ‘ N LIVE is developed based on breakthroughs within the scientific study of ​​psychoacoustics – the scientific study of sound perception. More specifically, it is the branch of science studying the combination of psychological and physiological responses associated with sound, i.e. how the interaction between the brain and the auditory organs allows us to perceive sound differently from a linear measuring instruments. Hence, in most cases of acoustics problems, it is advantageous to not only consider the mechanics of the environment, but also the fact that both the ear and the brain are involved in a person’s listening experience.

Simply put, this is how MAS ‘ N LIVE manages to achieve the seemingly paradoxical accomplishment of lowering the decibel without actually lowering the music.

The bass is the most common cause of disturbance

Bass frequencies constitute the most common headache for venues owner, due to their characteristics described below. By levering advanced psychoacoustic processing, MAS ‘ N LIVE replaces the regular bass with an artificial bass effectively reducing such problems.

Sound wave absorption is dependent on frequency

High frequency sound has many cycles per second, and consequently the particles in the medium are vibrating very rapidly. Since the molecules get their energy to vibrate from the sound wave, the sound wave will run out of energy sooner when it is a high frequency sound. This implies that, given the same conditions, low frequency (bass sound) will travel further through a medium compared to a high frequency sound.

Sound wave reflectivity is dependent on frequency

High frequency sound are better reflected whereas low frequencies are able to pass through the barrier and enter a new medium.

Resonance is dependent on frequency

Being large objects, walls tend to have low resonant frequencies. Therefore bass sound waves are better at triggering resonance in the walls, which helps their transmittance.