Swedish start-up allows you to play loud music without disturbing your neighbors

Soundz Technologies is the latest addition to the Nordic start-up stage. The company has together with its Spanish engineer developed a patented process for bars, restaurants and hotels that solves the most common problems related to decibel levels and neighbor complaints. The product MAS ‘LIVE has already been sold in 8 countries, across 3 different continents.

We have all been amazed by optical illusions – how our brain interprets colors or movements on an image that don’t actually exist in reality. Similarly, the patented product MAS ‘ N LIVE replaces the real bass with an artificial bass which, in turn, enables the bass volume to be maintained while getting rid of the disturbing vibrations. MAS ‘ N LIVE has been developed based on breakthroughs within the scientific area of ​​psychoacoustics – the scientific study of sound perception. Or more specifically; how the interaction between the brain and the auditory organs allows us to perceive sound differently than a linear measuring instrument.

MAS ‘LIVE is the result of a cooperation between the Swedish company Soundz Technologies and its Spanish developer Xergio Córdoba. The unique product allows bars, restaurants and hotels to enhance the experience of the music, while maintaining the decibel level required to adhere to the guidelines set by property owners or public authorities.

“The possibilities of the machine are vast and the need to solve noise related problems is indeed big. So far, it is mainly bars with neighbors above their business that have showed the greatest interest in our solution, but we have also initiated dialogues with two major hotel chains that need help in reducing disturbing noise for their hotel guests from their hotel bars. And this is only in Sweden. We expect at least the same demand in other European countries with a significant hotel and restaurant industry. Our value proposition is crystal clear; there is currently no similar product on the market and extensive soundproofing, which is the only other real option, costs a fortune. ” – Olof Göransson, CEO of Soundz Technologies

Mattias Karlsson, the owner of Spring Club Sweden on the popular summer destination island of Gotland, is very pleased with the results.

“We installed the machine in the summer of 2016 and went from 67 complaints during the previous season to 0 complaints after the installation” – Mattias Karlsson, owner of Spring Club

MAS ‘ N LIVE is available for sale for bars, hotels, clubs and gyms all across the world. Demonstration will take place locally or on Soundz Technologies’ demonstration sites in Stockholm or Madrid.